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Charlotte Web Design


Tier 1 SEO is your best choice for custom web design services in the Charlotte Metro Area. We have over five years of experience helping clients in Charlotte compete effectively on the web. Our services have enabled small businesses in Charlotte to grow by focusing on simple, clean, and user friendly designed websites that provide compelling content and properly showcases their company, products, and or services. We help each client understand the searching, shopping, and buying processes of the digital age and deliver the best solutions available designed to meet their exact needs or requirements. Our unique skillset, understanding of latest marketing trends, and experience  designing and marketing websites for businesses in Charlotte, makes us the right agency to hire for your Website Design in Charlotte, NC.


How We Are Different From the Competition


Today it seems almost everyone claims to be a web designer, seo, or internet marketing specialist. Be careful when searching for a website designer to hire to develop a web presence for your business. Not all web design companies or freelance designers are created equal. Quite often, these entities will only have a rudimentary knowledge of design and little to no understanding of what is required to best optimize your site for the web. In other words, they may create a design for you that appears nice, but you will then have to hand it over to someone else to optimize your website to ensure that it performs as expected online. Very few companies or individuals design websites from inception with seo in mind. This leads to poor performance, or extended delays in launching the website, and increased cost due to the need to have corrective actions taken to perform at optimal levels.


At Tier 1 SEO, we consult with each client prior to developing each website and devise an optimization strategy from the start in order to best prepare clients for success Online. We then incorporate this strategy into the design and development of their website. This ensures that each website we create is designed to incorporate current best practices and techniques and is structured specifically to achieve results. We know the importance proper web design, correct seo implementation, effective marketing strategies, and targeted social media campaigns, and understand the interdependence of each discipline in the Online landscape of the 21st century. This separates us from traditional web design, seo, and marketing agencies. Other design and marketing firms may focus on only one or two disciplines and “farm out” other work to additional agencies or individuals. This is not how we operate. We perform all tasks “In House”. This reduces overall project development time, confusion, and the need for clients to interact with multiple vendors during the development stage and for future modifications.


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Charlotte Website Design Services

We Know Charlotte


Our experience designing websites and providing marketing solutions for organizations in Charlotte uniquely qualifies us to help you grow your company online. We know the area, the people, the culture, and the business climate. Our understanding of the geographical influences, local metrics, and competitive landscape helps us craft unique and engaging products and services for each client. No matter what type of business you have or whether you are located in South Park, the University Area, or in Uptown Charlotte, we know how to help your organization grow on the World-Wide-Web.


Custom Websites and Website Templates



We also offer additional custom development of websites for Mobile and Tablet Devices. This addition can enhance user experience and usability when visitors view your website from non-desktop devices. With the growing demand for smart phones and tablets, mobile website development is quickly becoming a necessity and no longer a luxury to small businesses, artists, non-profits, and organizations both large and small.


Additional Services Available in Charlotte


Tier 1 SEO offers Photographic and Video services within the Charlotte Metro Area. These services can greatly enhance your website, marketing, and social media efforts. Custom photography and video can help your company stand out amongst your competition by aiding in Brand Building/Brand Awareness, increasing site visitor Trust, and by promoting your products, services, and or personnel. Cookie cutter websites with stock imagery are less personal and can lack emotion or realism. The right imagery and video can help you make that “connection” with the visitors to your website and could be the difference between whether they are a shopper or a buyer. Our photographic and video services cover a broad range of services and can be utilized for Corporate Photography, Product Shots, Video or Display Based Advertising, Property Photography, Commercial Photos, Project Documentaries, Event Photography, and more.